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Is TARP the new RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation)? 

  • TARP The New Improved 2009 Resolution Trust Corporation
    The most effective way to rob a bank is to own one. Mobsters, white collar criminals, and brokers of every kind learned this during the 1980s, when the Savings & Loan industry was largely deregulated with federal insurance against loss of deposits.
  • Credit Crunch Effects on US Real Estate Markets
    Credit crunches or financial crises have great impacts on many industries. And the most evident field that suffers from it is the real estate market. This financial mishap has been around since free-market trading began. It has affected real estate markets all over the world that led to bubbles, meaning there has been a surge in equity prices followed suit by drastic price drops. The main result of these economic cycles in real estate if currently manifested through massive foreclosures and bankruptcies.
  • Government Created the Incentives For Mortgage Servicers to Foreclose
    One of the biggest boons of the mortgage servicing industry was the securitization of mortgages beginning in the 1970's. With lenders selling off newly originated loans, the servicing industry grew as the investors in mortgages did not want to deal with the administration of collecting payments, dealing with refinances and title issues, and foreclosing on homes when necessary.
  • Alphabet Soup - The Acronyms of Relief For the American Economy
    For many in the commercial real estate markets the question has been where are all the deals? Banks, investors, and developers are clearly under duress, yet few truly distressed deals have come to market. According to a recent report from a major investment brokerage firm, sales of commercial assets were down 70 percent from one year earlier by the end of the first quarter in 2009. The combined influences of banks attempting to postpone foreclosures to preserve capital and the proliferation of complex securitized loans have conspired to stall markets and leave most wondering what next?
  • Bank Trust Departments Increase Profitability by Outsourcing Trust Administration and Operations
    The current banking and financial crisis has created an ideal opportunity for community banks, trust companies and similar organizations to re-evaluate the way they deliver trust and wealth management services. Gone are the days when the Board of Directors turned a blind eye on poorly performing trust departments. In a new era of increased oversight and accountability, bank regulators and senior management will be more vigilant than ever about making sure that trust departments are well-managed and profitable.
  • Private Trust Companies
    A Private Trust Company is, essentially, a company formed for the specific purpose of acting as trustee of a single trust, or a group of related trusts. It is not uncommon for settlors to wish to retain a degree of control over assets they settle into trust and this is sometimes achieved by reserving specific powers under the terms of the trust.
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